[Spoilers] Before the Storm: Episode 1

So before the non-spoiler review for Episode 2 comes out, I decided to publish my notes that contain spoilers after each new episode comes out.

These are as they’re written in my notebook: bullet point, and very train of thought.

So here are my thoughts, containing massive spoilers!, for Before the Storm Episode 1: Awake.  These will be expounded upon as I do have a plan for exploring the fuck ton of symbolism in this series, both the original game and BtS.


  • Checking Chloe’s phone with Max is heartbreaking.  Childhood picture.  Hits home in trying to communicate with someone who is busy.  I’ve been in Max’s shoes.
  • Chloe’s grief with William is real… and powerful.  That hits home.
  • Backtalk is a pretty cool mechanic.
  • Interesting how Illuminati is the sign associated with Chloe.
  • Frank Bowers!  I love him.
  • Lots of symbolism here too; the Satyr on the radio.
  • Chloe still has her pirate gear on a mirror.  Didn’t have a mirror in LiS.  Hope for Max, still?
  • “Previous Topic: Prescotts and Illuminati”
  • Chloe wants to be open about William.  Joyce seems to want to hide it all away (i.e. picture in dresser)
  • Chloe kept all of William’s stuff and moved it to her room…
  • Who is Eliot and why isn’t he in LiS?
  • Skip is ADORABLE.  I’m so mad David took his place.  His band has good music too!  I hope he makes it.
  • Interesting view on Nathan this time.  We see where it starts.
  • The DnD-esque session was fun as hell.
  • She picked up “hella” from Rachel.  “It’s a Cali thing.”
  • Seeing the junkyard for the first time is a beautiful and… really gut-sinking scene, at first view, knowing Rachel will be buried there.
  • Once you pick up the bat with Chloe in the junkyard, the entire thing gets…really powerful.  So far my favorite scene.  How I felt… and feel… so many days with grief.
  • That crow keeps showing up.
  • Does… Rachel have some kind of power too?
    • Scene in front of the burning tree.  She screamed, and every time, the wind blew with her.
    • Rachel as a force of nature.


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