This is my About the Blogger page.  If you’re looking for what to expect on the blog, it’s right here.


My name is Danni.  As you can tell by the blog name and the username, however, I go by quite a few aliases, such as Val Kyrie, chaosarcanum, chaosharlequin, etc.  Most of these are not clever Nerd References, but I still love them.

As you may have guessed, I love gaming.  It’s been a lifelong passion of mine, and it’s time for me to finally voice that, regardless of how many ears it reaches.  This is me, shouting from the rooftops.

I’ve been playing videogames ever since I could essentially hold a controller.  My cousin would play a one player game on our SNES and I would pretend to be playing with him on the second controller, button mashing and all.  My first proper videogame was Duke Nukem on the PC, sitting on my Dad’s lap and staring at the screen, my tiny hands clenched around an old joystick.  I remember my Mom in the doorway sounding exasperated, and I would later find out why; because he was letting a toddler play Duke Nukem for god’s sake, but all I knew was that if I moved the joystick forward I fell down the vent shaft and wheee, that was fun Daddy!

I’ve also been invested in storytelling all my life; continuing to be attracted to games wasn’t a huge surprise.  Just like the books I loved to read, they were an escape, and they were an escape where I could throw myself into the plot or into a character’s head in a way that a book couldn’t (or already did for me).  Years down the line, in that awkward Middle School phase, I played a lot of Windwaker and would spend the time sailing between islands getting into Link’s head, wondering what his thoughts were.  He had all that time to think on his talking red boat, and so did I.

That plus an emotional outlook on life has left me very opinionated.  I’ve had a lot of Videogame Feelings ever since I’ve been playing them.  Only through high school and college did they start to manifest themselves in ways where I could properly articulate myself.  I never had a proper forum to do so, and tried anywhere I could, DeviantArt and tumblr being the two major places (the latter being a huuuge mistake).  A lot of it turned bitter and jaded when I saw where a lot of review sites and magazines I previously loved had headed: either down the corporate rabbit hole, or gone, in Nintendo Power’s case.

So here I am, as I said before, shouting from the rooftops, wondering who will hear me, but continuing to do it anyway.  I do this for my love of gaming, for the wonderment it still brings me, for the smiles and laughter and tears and near-broken controllers.  My name is Danni, and here’s where I carve out my niche.

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