[Spoilers] Before the Storm: Episode 1

So before the non-spoiler review for Episode 2 comes out, I decided to publish my notes that contain spoilers after each new episode comes out.

These are as they’re written in my notebook: bullet point, and very train of thought.

So here are my thoughts, containing massive spoilers!, for Before the Storm Episode 1: Awake.  These will be expounded upon as I do have a plan for exploring the fuck ton of symbolism in this series, both the original game and BtS.


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[NO SPOILERS] Before the Storm: Episode 1

Okay, let me make things very clear what I mean by that giant “NO SPOILERS” I put in the title.

There will be no spoilers for this game, Life is Strange: Before the Storm.  Per request I’ll make two separate entries, one non-spoiler, and one with spoilers.

That said, if you are playing this game, I assume you have played the original Life is Strange.  There will be spoilers for that game.  If you haven’t played it, stop right now and do so.  Your experience will only be enhanced by playing that entry first.




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